Wrap, seal and insulate

The material quality of the new Loctite 5075 insulating and sealing wrap allows it to stretch up to 300%, effectively sealing and protecting the damaged area against gas or fluid leakage and corrosion. This multi-purpose, adhesive-free silicone tape also withstands harsh operating conditions and temperature extremes, factors that considerably extend its scope of application.


Loctite 5075 is an essential product for the maintenance professional.  It is ideal for creating an emergency seal on rigid and flexible pipes, ducts or hoses and is an excellent choice for insulating electrical connections and motor leads and for giving tool handles a more effective grip.


The high elongation rate of this product allows it to create an immensely strong compression bandage around the substrate.  Indeed, the longer it is left, the better the adhesion to itself. Maximum strength is achieved in 24 hours. Its tensile strength is up to 700 psi and dielectric strength up to 400V/m.


No surface preparation is needed. The red-coloured wrap fuses to itself, leaving no residue and even works over wet, dirty or oily surfaces.  It is also very easy to remove.



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