World’s slimmest presence detector launched by Steinel

Steinel (UK) Ltd, the market leader in lighting sensor technology, is launching the IR Quattro SLIM, a completely flat presence detector whose 4mm visible thickness allows for almost flush mounting against the ceiling.

A new addition to the highly successful Presence Control Pro range, the IR Quattro SLIM is completely unobtrusive, yet highly sensitive, with a square presence detection range of 3m × 3m and tangential direction of up to 5m x 5m. When mounted on the ceiling, this ultra-slim presence detector has visible dimensions of just 76mm x 76mm x 4mm.

The newly developed hexagonal Fresnel structure of the retina lens allows for a completely flat surface that also produces outstanding passive infrared (PIR) sensor detection. The IR Quattro SLIM’s integral photocell also gives variable light level control between 10 and 1,000 lux. This means there’s no need to make a compromise between style and performance.

Designed for indoor use, the IR Quattro SLIM is IP 20 rated, and it can be mounted at a height of up to 6m. It can be used in master/slave and master/master configurations and it can also be used in semi-automatic mode. This allows the user to switch the lighting on manually, but it turns itself off automatically.

For complete flexibility, the IR Quattro SLIM is available in the versions COM1, COM2, DIM and KNX, and settings can be controlled using an optional remote control.

Peter Lawrence, Managing Director at Steinel (UK) Ltd, comments: “When it comes to presence detectors, there is now no need to choose between design aesthetics and high quality performance. The IR Quattro SLIM offers all the usual energy saving, carbon cutting benefits of intelligent lighting control, while also allowing an inconspicuous design finish.”

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