Winter is here! Is your building ready for it?

Tyco Thermal Controls offer a comprehensive range of heat tracing systems to help ‘winter proof’ your building click on and claim a free building audit

Raychem’s Self-regulating electric heat-tracing systems offer a versatile and energy-efficient solution for the freeze protection of piped services, maintaining ice-free gutters and downpipes and for melting snow and preventing ice formatting on pedestrian walkways and vehicle access areas. Heating cables provide long-term, maintenance-free protection – only activating when sensors detect a temperatures drop below a set point (typically 3ºC). They will then deliver just the amount of heat required to prevent ice formation until temperatures rise again.

Adverse weather conditions over the past few years have exposed many areas of vulnerability for buildings and their occupants. Whether burst pipes, ice damage to roofs and gutters, snow blocked entrances and emergency exits, or even injury of building users, the personal and financial costs of harsh weather far outweigh the costs of “winter-proofing” a building. Tyco Thermal Controls offer energy-efficient systems designed for exposed pipes, gutters and downpipes and access area surfaces such as ramp heating car park access ramps, loading bays, pedestrian walkways and emergency escape routes. Installing heat-tracing systems for protection against snap-weather conditions is a sound long-term investment as they stay ready to activate automatically whenever the next arctic blast comes – be that soon or in years to come.

As part of its excellent customer service program, Raychem has launched a new web page which guides users through ’winter proofing’ a building it aslo has a link to claim a free building audit. 

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