Wieland’s gesis FLEX

Wieland Electric has taken structured wiring a step further with the introduction of gesis FLEX, a new compact and pluggable room automation system. gesis FLEX  has been designed to meet the needs of a construction industry that is constantly under pressure to produce more efficient buildings with less waste and higher energy savings, using components that are quick to install and easy to handle. This new system ticks all the boxes and makes a real contribution to sustainable building automation.


The gesis FLEX room automation system is based on the KNX system and is 100% pluggable, its compact proportions and flat design making it ideal for use in false floors and suspended ceilings. Like Wieland’s established control systems, gesis FLEX is decentralised and pluggable, saving on expensive cables that are very time consuming to install. Any extension of the installation is quick and easy to facilitate, whilst modifications over the lengthy lifecycle of a building are simplified, enabling future-proof construction.


Perfect for confined spaces, the gesis FLEX modules are just 44mm high and can be interconnected as required to provide a secure and error-free installation.



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