Why use chemicals or softeners for water treatment when there are other ways?

UK based Fluid Dynamics is a pioneer in non-chemical, environment friendly water treatment systems.

Since 1974 Fluid Dynamics has been manufacturing its WRAS approved Scaletron non-chemical scale inhibitors for the prevention of scaling caused by hard water. Utilising patented catalytic technology the Fluid Dynamics Scaletron neutralises calcium carbonate in the water so it doesn’t form a hard scale.

Fluid Dynamics exports more  hard water scale prevention products than any other UK manufacturer.

Recent overseas contracts include:  The Fortune Tower in Beijing, The University of Texas  in Austin, The US Department of the Interior.  The Sultan Garden Hotel in Sharm El Shaik in Egypt , Cemex in the Dominican Republic and Madaba University in Jordan.

At home Fluid Dynamics Scaletron  units are used in Waitrose, Marks and Spencers, Cambridge University and many schools and office  buildings as well as  blocks of flats.

The major benefit is the units require no electricity and have no moving parts .. they are also guaranteed for 10 years.

New Product Package

Fluid Dynamics now offers a package of non chemical water treatment solutions the Scaletron for preventing scaling and the Sanitron  UV  for preventing bacterial ingress from the mains into a water system.  Combining the two UV and Scale prevention provides a totally chemical free environment solution for dealing with two of waters most troublesome components Scaling and Bacteria.

Advice for Consulting Engineers

Fluid Dynamics has almost half a century of water treatment experience .. whether it is creating drinking water for a school in Kenya or treating water for cooling  a power station in Peru.

This know how is available free of charge to consulting engineers.. faced with a tricky water treatment problem .  Fluid Dynamics ..  will give an honest opinion as to the best method of handling  any water treatment problem .. recent challenges have included .. scaling from a recycled water plant  for a paper mill in Spain to oily water from an oil well in Tennessee. 

Further details of Fluid Dynamics products can be found at:


Contact :  Phone: 01628 634073

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