Welcoming heat from CEH

A warm welcome will be given to customers passing through doors fitted with CEH over door heaters. The ODH and RDH units are low cost and easy to install, an easy economical way to give that welcome.

Recessed and surface mounted versions are available at 3kW, 4.5kW 6kW and 9kW to suit single and double doors of standard height. The RDH recessed units, supplied with a remote switch for two levels of heat and fan only operation, are designed to fit plasterboard and modular ceilings. The ODH units, with integral switches are available with light grey, copper bronze or brushed stainless steel finishes as standard. Special colours can also be supplied.

Inconspicuous heat for the rest of the space can be provided with the RCH range of recessed ceiling heaters at 3kW and 4.5kW and with various control options.

The full range of CEH Electric Heaters is available through your local Electrical Wholesaler.


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