Weidmüller new expansion of available screwdrivers delivers high-quality, low-wear materials to retain long-term value

Angled spring opener, hexalobular socket (Torx®) screwdriver with T-handles and bits, plus/minus screwdriver and interchangeable blades as well as a Robertson (square tipped) screwdriver.

Weidmüller is expanding its assortment of screwdrivers with new, customer-oriented tools such as the angled spring opener, hexalobular socket (Torx®) screwdriver with T-handles and bits, plus/minus screwdriver and interchangeable plus/minus blades as well as a Robertson (square tipped) screwdriver.

Using the angled spring opener makes it easier to reach tension clamp terminals mounted in confined spaces – for instance in distribution cabinets. To achieve this, the blade is curved at an angle of 40°, a design feature that also simplifies handling. The 3.0 mm thick blade is made of metal to ensure low-wear, even after frequent use and guarantee value retention over time; put succinctly, the tool will last longer. The angled spring opener can be used, for example, in conjunction with Weidmüller’s MICROSERIES and TERMSERIES equipped with tension clamp connections as well as tension clamp terminal blocks – to open the tension clamp.

The new hexalobular socket (Torx®) screwdriver with T-handles and bits offers compelling levels of comfort, because the user is able to engage the deep-seated screw much more easily with the screwdriver. This reduces the risk of damaging the screw head profile. Characteristics such as being practically wear-free and easy to use serve to ensure this tool retains its value over time, which means it can be used repeatedly without any difficulty. T-handles and bits for screws both feature a Torx® profile. The screwdriver sizes T15, T20 and T40 are used for W-Series screw-type terminals – “WDU 50N IR” equipped with hexalobular socket screws. With the introduction of the various T-handles and bits for Torx® screws Weidmüller is meeting the needs of a wide range of customer requirements. Using T-handles it is possible to transmit more torque with less effort in comparison with conventional handles. In addition, bits are favoured in combination with torque screwdrivers as soon as customers are obliged to provide verification of torque transmission values.

Because plus/minus screws can be tightened using slotted and crosshead screwdrivers Weidmüller’s plus/minus screwdrivers and interchangeable plus/minus blades offer users equally superior levels of comfort and convenience. This all goes to ensure they are the universal and versatile answer to high and low torque requirements. Screwdrivers and interchangeable blades for DMSI are especially used in the field of electronics (insulated interchangeable blades are available for DMSI torque screwdrivers). Owing to their universal versatility plus/minus screws have become the standard in the field of electronics in the last few years; for instance, they are used in relay bases requiring low torques as well as in surge protection modules requiring higher torques. The advantages of using plus/minus screwdrivers become strikingly obvious when used in conjunction with Weidmüller’s Rider Series and the Power Solid State Relay as well as with other products. Weidmüller now fits plus/minus screws to virtually all of its new products in the field of electronics. Two versions of the screwdriver are available: SL/PH1 with a blade length of 80 mm and SL/PH2 with a 100 mm blade length – both blades are made of fully hardened, high alloy chromium/vanadium/molybdenum steel with a gunmetal finish.

Robertson screwdrivers have a square-tipped profile and enable users to gain a good grip on the screw and, as a consequence, facilitate the transmission of high torques. Robertson (square tip) screwdrivers are synonymous with high levels of safety, simply because the screwdriver does not easily slip out of the square recess in the head of the

screw. They satisfy regional requirements in NAFTA countries. The Canadian Peter L. Robertson invented the square recess profile, which was named after him, more than one hundred years ago. Today, screws with the Robertson (square) profile are commonly used in NAFTA countries – and are particularly preferred in industrial applications. Two versions of the routinely tested screwdrivers are available. The SDIR 1 has a 2.3 mm head; the 100 mm blade is made of fully hardened, high-alloy chromium-vanadium-molybdenum steel with a gunmetal finish. The SDIR 2 with a 2.8 mm head and a blade length of 150 mm is made from the same high-quality blade material.

Weidmüller VDE insulated screwdrivers, meaning the plus/minus screwdriver with interchangeable blades and the Robertson screwdriver are certified for work on live components up to 1000 VAC and 1500 VDC in accordance with DIN EN 60900, IEC 900.

About Weidmüller:

Weidmüller delivers products, solutions and services in the industrial environment of power, signal and data in the areas of machinery, process, energy, transportation, electronics and device manufacturing. They include power supplies, surge protection, Industrial Ethernet, analogue signal conditioning, relays and optos, modular terminal blocks, field wiring, PCB terminals and connectors, electronics housings, ATEX housings, identification material printers and software and tools for cutting, stripping and crimping.   Via a global network of application specialists, Weidmüller also offers engineering services and develops application-specific solutions.

For more information, visit our website at www.weidmuller.co.uk, email us at marketing@weidmuller.co.uk or call us on 0845 094 2006. Let’s connect.

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