WebCAPS is wizard

The on-line pump selection tool from Grundfos has just gotten even better.  Not only have some of the anomalies been resolved but a host of new features have been added.
A particularly useful new option offers users an overview mode when making a selection that means all the questions relating to making a selection are presented on one screen by the sizing wizard.  This allows the user to change inputs and see immediately what impact that has on the final selection.
Other new features include a Renewable Energy Sizing Wizard that guides the user through the process of sizing a pump for solar or wind systems in a limited number of steps, the inclusion of a number of new product families and a new intelligent suggestion mode to help you quickly find what you are looking for.
To see for yourself visit: http://www.grundfos.co.uk/ and click on the link.  For those who would rather have their information in a CD format you can register to receive your copy by clicking on the WinCAPS link.

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