Waterloo launches free directory to ease air terminal selection


Rick Edmondson launches Waterloo's new product directoryWaterloo Air Products plc’s latest product directory offers a compact easy to read guide for mechanical engineers, specifiers and architects.

The Waterloo Product Directory is a free 160-page resource that provides comprehensive information on Waterloo’s standard product range. For those projects that require a specialised approach to architectural design, Waterloo offers complimentary tailor made solutions. Examples of these are also included in the directory.

Rick Edmondson, Chairman of Waterloo Air Products plc says “Considering how extensively grilles, louvres, diffusers and chilled beams are used in a wide range of building projects, there is a need for information in a concise and clearly accessible format.

“Waterloo offers an unrivalled range of products in various sizes and colours. Our Product Directory offers an accessible resource which is available on-line via PCs, tablets and smart phones or we can provide CDs and booklets.”

Failure to ensure proper selection can seriously compromise the efficiency of an HVAC system. The directory also incorporates a technical guide covering air diffusion and acoustics, which has a useful glossary of widely used terms, definitions, symbols, performance data and formulae regularly used by HVAC system designers. Further sections feature comparative selections, special air diffusion characteristics and jet theory, as well as chapters on essential acoustic performance information for air terminal devices.

This is the first complete air terminal directory available to the HVAC industry. Waterloo anticipates the product directory becoming a widely used tool when specifying and/or designing air distribution solutions.

A PDF version can be downloaded free of charge from www.waterloo.co.uk. It is also available as a free CD or an A4 booklet and can be obtained by emailing Waterloo at directory@waterloo.co.uk

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