Water storage from Redring

Now available from Redring is a comprehensive range of unvented water storage heaters. 

The EW and MW ranges have been designed to provide stored hot water from a mains pressurised water supply. Both ranges are ready for simple installation. The EW range works without the need for a temperature and pressure relief device, while the MW range comes complete with the required device already factory fitted.

Both the EW and MW ranges will deliver a balanced supply of hot and cold water to up to four outlets, via existing taps or mixers.  Remote siting of all models is possible and the thermostat is adjustable to 70°C with an over temperature safety cut-out also as standard.

Both ranges also offer heat loss minimisation and energy savings due to short pipe runs and superior insulation which help to reduce bills.

Also available from Redring is the LWSS stainless steel range of water heating cylinders which provides effective, fast and safe mains-fed hot water around any property.  Employing the best in laser welding technology, the Aqualoy LWSS range features high flow rates, energy efficient insulation and an expansion vessel. 

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