Water flexibility

Keraflo’s latest development, the KP Type float valve kit, ensures that now full flexibility in the level of stored water is available in large tanks supplied by pipework up to 200mm (8”) in diameter.
This feature is of particular importance in buildings with seasonal occupancy such as universities and colleges, football stadia etc where the building may be unoccupied during the summer months. In these circumstances, stagnation of the stored water coupled with high ambient temperatures can lead to conditions which allow legionella and other harmful organisms to colonise the tank and multiply.

Other advantages offered by this type of float valve kit are; delayed action for full flow during tank filling, no water hammer, valve bounce or dribble, tank capacity is maximised and the valves are suitable for Types AA, AB, AF and AG air gaps.

The Keraflo KP Type valve kit comprises a Keraflo Aylesbury KB Type float valve which may be located in the tank itself or in a valve chamber, together with a large in-line KP Type control valve mounted in the supply pipework.

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