Wandsworth plays the MEIGaN blues

The Wandsworth Group has launched a range of blue sockets to comply with NHS Medical Electrical Installation Guidance Notes (MEIGaN).

Designed for use in either bed head trunking or medical services columns, the new socket range is available in switched or unswitched single or twin units. The Wandsworth MEIGaN-compliant units offer a flexible solution for hospitals when carrying out refurbishments or new build projects and in some cases they can also be retrofitted into existing trunking and medical columns.

The advice regarding blue-coloured sockets was introduced as part of the MEIGaN guidance to ensure that sockets connected to dedicated back up power supplies are easily identifiable. This ensures that hospital staff plug in vital equipment to a UPS power source and cannot mistakenly connect it to the ordinary mains supply instead, which could risk lives in the event of an outage.

Brian McGonigle from The Wandsworth Group says: “Because of the costs involved in implementing the MEIGaN guidance, the pace of change has been slow so far but our new blue MEIGaN-compliant sockets have been designed to offer maximum versatility.”


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