Vote of confidence in Floodcheck

Insurers always encourage property owners and managers to take steps to minimise water damage from internal flooding, but usually only after the event and with the stick of a big increase in premiums or policy excesses following a claim.

Now specialist brokers Schofields has shown the way forward with a special scheme that slashes excesses when a Floodcheck auto valve is fitted.

Floodcheck minimises damage following leakage, overflows or burst pipes by detecting unusual water flow and simply turning the mains supply to the property or department off. Continuously running taps or a surge following a burst pipe will trigger Floodcheck to isolate the mains supply, as will freezing pipes or signs of unoccupancy.

Floodcheck is protecting properties across the UK, including every flat in the London 2012 athlete’s village. Inventor William Saint said: “Insurers and property managers can see the logic of this basic flood precaution, which minimises misery and disruption as well as the huge costs that can result from water damage in the home or workplace.”

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