Volunteers wanted

Is this you – burning money to keep warm due to increasing energy costs?

My name is Colin Dallimore and I am a student in my third year of an MSc in Architectural Energy. As part of this course I am undertaking a research project investigating the extent to which Building Management Systems are being optimised for possible energy savings rather than being used primarily for building control.

The aim is to gather data from the Facility Management /BMS sector via an online questionnaire that explores the use of BMS in commercial buildings today, and participants are being sought who have appropriate experience in this field.

The questionnaire can be accessed via the following web-link and should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

No individual responses will be published – all information will be collated to provide a statistical analysis. Neither will any participant’s details be published or released to any third party for any other purpose.

The results of this study can be made available to participants upon request. 


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