Viega presents a new press-in branch connector


Viega, the global manufacturer of press connection, prewall and drainage technology has launched its new Megapress press-in connection in the UK. The system makes adding extra sensors, thermometers, drainage valves or pipe connections to thick walled pipe installations fast, simple and clean.

Additional components often have to be retrofitted into industrial pipework systems. This traditionally means having to retro-weld into the pipe, which can prove time consuming and disruptive to the building occupants, as the system commonly has to be drained while the work is completed.

The Megapress press-in connector developed by Viega provides a faster and cleaner alternative. The installation is completed in just two minutes, providing an estimated 80% time saving when compared to welding. In addition, the compact size of the connector allows branches to be added even in hard to access locations or where space around the pipework is limited.

Fitting the press-in connector is simple; the drilling guide is secured around the pipe in the correct location. The drill is then used to bore the required hole in the steel pipe while a suction device ensures that no swarf enters the pipe. Finally, the connector is pressed onto the pipe.

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