Viega launches new gas applicable Megapress system

Viega, the global manufacturer of piping systems has introduced Megapress G connectors to the UK market bringing the benefits of the Megapress technology to those working with gas installations. Megapress G ‘cold’ pressed connectors have been tested and Kitemark approved for natural gas and liquid gas applications as well as for heating oil, diesel fuels, compressed air containing oil and technical gases.

The Megapress carbon steel press connection system from Viega offers a fast, effective alternative to traditional methods such as welding. The system is a highly effective cold applied pressing method that helps to reduce installation time by around 60% by creating a secure connection without the need for an open flame. This eliminates burn risk and removes the requirement for a hot works permit or additional insurance.

The Megapress G connectors now makes it possible to quickly and effectively connect natural gas and liquid gas systems. Suitable for use with black, galvanised or painted steel pipe, the Hydrogenated Nitrile Bautadiene Rubber (HNBR) sealing element of the Megapress G connectors guarantee the press connections have the required degree of sealing, even where the pipe surface is rough. This makes it ideal for retrofit installations in older properties.

Manufactured from 1.0308 steel with a zinc-nickel coating, the range includes over 100 connectors including elbows and threaded adaptors, T-pieces, reducing elbows, flanges, screw fitting and caps in the sizes of ½ to 2 inches.

Additionally the Megapress G connectors, like other products in the Megapress range, feature the tested Viega SC-Contur technology. This ensures that any connections that have remained unpressed can immediately be identified in a dry leakage test – reducing downtime and servicing costs.

Scott James, Director of Viega commented: “The Megapress G is a crucial extension of the range. Already a tried and trusted solution in the German market, we can now bring the benefits of the Megapress system to gas applications – eliminating the need for traditional methods of pipe connection, ensuring every application is quick and easy to install safely and securely.”

To differentiate from the traditional Megapress connectors the Megapress G connectors are marked in yellow and packed in yellow bags.

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