VES Ecovent Acoustic – low noise heat recovery

There is now a greater awareness of ventilation noise issues across many applications but in particular education via the Building Bulletin 93 – Acoustics for Schools (BB93).

VES’ new Ecovent Acoustic Heat Recovery Unit is ideal for noise sensitive applications. 

  • Independent acoustic testing to BS EN ISO 3744:2010
  • Low noise to meet acoustic requirements, including BB93
  • High efficiency Heat Recovery, 70%+
  • Low Specific Fan Powers to achieve L2 Building Regulations
  • BlueSense Intelligent Controls

Currently a large number of educational environments, new and old, have poor acoustic properties; unfortunately this is due to a multitude of different reasons. A large proportion of this can be attributed to improperly set up ventilation units. However, a greater awareness of how to solve ventilation noise issues can be achieved by referring to BB93. This allows the appropriate design of air handling units based on desired acoustic performances for the given situation and environment.

Noise resulting from ventilation systems; which contributes to the acoustic issues, often requires specifiers and designers to compare manufacturers to determine who has the better acoustic unit which meets stated regulations. With the different noise categories (airborne, case breakout, duct-borne, self-generated and structure borne) having an impact on acoustics; independent testing is necessary as it provides useful data about the noise emitted by ventilation products. This helps specifiers and designers make informed decisions when selecting products for installation.

Along with designing low noise products, comes the challenge of accurately displaying the information in a meaningful way. Independent testing of VES’ air handling unit was undertaken at the University of Southampton Institute of Sound and Vibration Research facilities. Testing was conducted to provide transparent data that allows accurate acoustic judgments to be made.

Initial results suggested that the noise sources within VES’ air handling unit generated a higher sound and unwanted power level in the 100-250 Hz range which directly related to the fan blade pass frequency. Once this was understood and the problematic frequency was identified, the associated cause was subsequently found which allowed VES to develop the design of their air handling unit to reduce the overall noise level.

Assessing the fan cradle design, case construction and acoustic materials helped to reduce the sound power generated and the sound migration through the case. As a result VES’ quietest heat recovery unit was developed, the Ecovent Acoustic.

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