Vauxhall opts for LED downlights

The Vauxhall Motors head office has installed Firestar Mini LED downlights from Tamlite Lighting in its foyer area, boosting its on-site energy efficiency while also creating a stylish lighting scheme for a good first impression of its corporate headquarters.


Vauxhall Motors, which last year celebrated its 110th anniversary of producing vehicles in the UK, is headquartered in Luton, Bedfordshire. Luton is a key manufacturing base for the company, employing 1,200 staff and producing around 67,000 Vivaro vans a year, but it is also home to Vauxhall’s head office, Griffin House. Within this building, there is a strong demand for interior design that is both functional and also reflects Vauxhall’s corporate values. Nowhere is this more important than in its foyer area, which has recently been refurbished with LED lighting.


Energy efficiency and long lamp lifespan were identified as crucial drivers for the lighting installation, in line with Vauxhall’s resource efficient ethos. Vauxhall has already reduced the energy consumption at its head office by a staggering 59% since 2007 and it is keen to continue in this energy saving vein. However, efficiency also needed to be balanced with appearance and good light quality.


Tamlite Lighting was given complete control over the lighting design and, with just a few tweaks from Vauxhall, the finished lighting scheme was put in place. The dominant product chosen for the foyer was Firestar Mini LED. These die-cast aluminium downlights, which measure 90mm in diameter, provide crisp, even light levels across the space. Fire-rated and IP65-rated, the Firestar Mini LED downlights are not only stylish but also highly robust. Each downlight is supplied with 3 × 3W warm-white LED lamps, which have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours.


Colin Lawson, Head of Sales, Marketing & Product Development at Tamlite Lighting, comments: “The foyer area creates a vital first impression at any corporate headquarters and, for Vauxhall, it was an opportunity to feature sleek, modern lighting that is also highly energy efficient. Vauxhall was eager to take advantage of the benefits offered by the latest LED technology – both the energy savings on offer and also the reduction in maintenance costs that results from long-lasting, fit-and-forget lamps. The installation has proved to be a huge success for Vauxhall.”

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