Upgraded UV grease removal

Halton Foodservice has announced significant upgrades to its Reactocell ultraviolet air treatment cassette, which integrates into ventilation canopies to remove and neutralise grease vapours and small particles from kitchen extract air. Upgraded elements range from new plug and play controls through to increased treatment capacity, longer life lamp and reduced cost of ownership.

Reactocell’s new UV control system features plug and play operability to simplify installation and commissioning. Each controller automatically checks safety features (door and filters in place, airflows acceptable) before energising the UV and any problems are indicated on the new easy-to-read console (or by optional text message). The controllers also store full, downloadable run histories to assist with planned maintenance.

Each console, integrated within the front of the hood or in a separate control box if preferred, can communicate with up to 12 UV racks through unique numeric addresses on the system and can be linked to a Building Management System to assist with facilities management planning and reporting. The system is completely contained within the canopy and does not require a separate location for control panels or ballast boxes.


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