Upgrade is easy

Seaward has introduced a special upgrade kit to enable those responsible for maintaining electrical safety in the workplace to carry out portable appliance testing in accordance with the latest IEE Code of Practice.
The upgrade kit comprises an RC750 RCD tester and a handheld PAT Checkbox which are supplied together in a lightweight carrying case with all test leads.
The revised IEE code of practice recommends that RCDs are tested when performing periodic portable appliance testing and that regular checks of the accuracy of instruments should be carried out between formal calibrations.
Although many Seaward PAT testers are equipped with an integral RCD test facility, some of the instruments do not have this facility. The new Seaward PAT upgrade kit therefore provides a practical solution to enables users of such testers to comply with the IEE code.
The Seaward RC 750, which also meets 17th Edition Wiring Regulations, is a handheld digital tester which has all test options selectable from the large front panel. Constant current circuitry ensures measurement accuracy and is supplied complete with all necessary test leads.

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