University of TEXAS orders UK water softener system

The University of Texas in Dallas have ordered some Scaletron Catalytic scale preventers to protect hot water systems and boilers in the University buildings  from scaling caused by hard water. Scaletron catalytic systems prevent scaling caused by hard water without needing chemicals, salt  or electricity. Replacing water softeners  the catalytic system manufactured by Fluid Dynamics is proven to save energy by reducing the development of scaling in pipes, hot water heaters and heat exchangers.

Many halls of residence and colleges in Cambridge University  and elsewhere use Fluid Dynamics scale preventers for their water systems. Fluid Dynamics Scaletron is certified safe for use in drinking water systems  under the WRAS system and is simply plumbed in to the pipework circuit.

The product works by neutralising the effects of calcium carbonate so that scaling salts just pass harmlessly through the system.  Users also claim that they use less detergents and  lotions to combat the effect of hardness.

With  salt regenerated water softeners being banned in parts of USA and ever rising energy costs a product that can reduce those costs and yet cause no damage to the environment is rapidly becoming the treatment of choice for building systems throughout the world. Other Scaletron  applications include.. the Central Bank of Argentina, the Empress State Building in London England, and The City Mall in Amman Jordan. 

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