Universal fan coil unit is truly reversible

Advanced Air have launched a new truly reversible fan coil unit.  There are many advantages with this new design, the most significant is for the contractor who can now put on order fan coils without specifying the handing.

It is true on most projects the handing of the fan coils is not finalised until late in the design process and many manufacturers cannot commence the production process without this information.  With this truly reversible and universal fan coil orders can be accepted without the handings and the production process can commence.  This is particularly helpful on fast track programmes where handings may not have been finalised until days before deliveries have to be made.  Advanced Air can commence manufacture and even finish the fan coil unit without the handings.  Changing the handing of the unit only takes a few minutes in the factory and can be undertaken on site by the contractor or specialist fitters.  A universal coil means that it can be easily removed, rotated through 180°, the heating coil section moved and the new coil assembly quickly refitted with the new handing arrangements.

The control box can also be easily moved to create an alternative handing and with more designs and developments in the pipe line Advanced Air are aiming to complete the whole handing changes in less than 5 minutes.  The other benefit to Advanced Air is that in a given size of fan coil all units are identical cutting down times in production, order processing and project control.

It also makes stocking of completed fan coils much more cost effective and simpler, a benefit that may interest potential distributors and stockists.


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