Unique fan coil

The EPIC range of fan coil units launched by Advanced Air can achieve specific fan power (SFP) as low as 0.15 w/l/s making them the most energy efficient unit in the European market.

style=”font-family: %value; font-size: 12px;”>The unique fan deck arrangement has a single horizontally mounted EC motor driven fan which can achieve these very low SFP at a relatively low premium in price compared to AC driven fan coil units. In fact the payback period is measured in months rather than years making the EPIC fan coil an extremely cost effective system with the benefit of significant savings in carbon emissions.

When installed into a building designed to meet or exceed the 2010 regulations the saving in carbon emissions can, in most cases, exceed 15% of the total carbon emissions of the whole building.

In conjunction with their parent company in the USA, Nailor Industries, Advanced Air has developed a special 250 watt single fan deck with smart motor technology.  This smart motor technology means that the fan is self commissioning as any change in external resistance is recognised by the smart controller and the fan automatically compensates to achieve its set point. 


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