Unique Domus Thermal duct installation from Polypipe

Polypipe Ventilation, manufacturer of market leading energy-saving domestic and light commercial ventilation systems, has launched Domus Thermal, a uniquely engineered, patent pending duct insulation system for round and rectangular duct systems. Domus Thermal has been designed to comply with 2010 Building Regulations and to prevent both heat loss and the formation of condensation.

Domus Thermal has been developed by Polypipe specifically to meet the recommendations of the Government’s 2010 Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide.  The Guide states that ducting must be insulated where it passes through unheated areas and voids, such as loft spaces, to reduce the possibility of condensation forming, which can lead to unsightly – and unhealthy – mould. The Guide sets a minimum duct insulation standard of ?0.04W/(m.K), with a 25mm thickness. Domestic duct insulation products on the market are generally unable to meet this requirement, but the new Domus Thermal range exceeds the standard, with improved thermal conductivity to allow ventilation installers to fully comply with Part F 2010 Building Regulations.

Manufactured from silver EPS (expanded polystyrene), incorporating carbon particles to further improve performance, Domus Thermal has high insulative properties yet remains a cost-effective and simple solution to prevent the formation of condensation.  The range is comprehensive and includes straight lengths and fittings for both Domus round and rectangular duct systems. Each section consists of two identical moulded halves that fit snugly around the ducting and simply lock into place using a moulded interlocking feature. This gripping interlock feature means that the pieces stay together without the need for taping or gluing joints, significantly reducing installation time.  The straight length sections are also moulded with a cutting guide every 10mm for added simplicity.  Such a design not only makes for quick and simple installation but also looks highly professional, giving added reassurance to the customer.

To make installation even easier, Polypipe Ventilation also offers PVC-coated perforated steel banding, ideal for surface mounting or suspending ducting insulated with Domus Thermal.

In line with Polypipe’s commitment to sustainability in both manufacturing and its product range, Domus Thermal is an environmentally friendly product, with an ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) of 0 and a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of ?5.

Polypipe Ventilation is at the forefront in delivering energy-efficient ventilation solutions and plays a vital role in helping customers to achieve the higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes. The company also offers a complete range of Domus ducting, heat recovery systems, Silavent mechanical ventilation appliances and intermittent extract fans, making for a single source of all domestic and light commercial ventilation equipment and systems.

For further information, please go to www.polypipe.com/ventilation or call on 08443 715523.

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