Ultramax R600 from MHS

A new ultra-efficient range of high output, fully condensing, gas-fired, floor-standing boilers has been launched by leading boiler supplier MHS Boilers. With best-in-class NOx emissions and efficiencies of up to 109%, the Ultramax R600 is set to become a benchmark for others to follow.
The Ultramax R600 range comprises seven models with outputs from 150kW to 571kW and utilises a proven water-cooled, down-firing, premix burner system with an all stainless steel heat exchanger assembly.  Ultramax R600 boilers have a NOx emission of less than 35mg/kWh (which easily exceeds the requirements for the best BREEAM score) and can return efficiencies of up to 109%. And for complete peace of mind, an optional annual service agreement from MHS Boilers extends their guarantee to 10 years – which means you can rest assured that all parts and labour for breakdown or servicing will be covered. 
Ultramax R600 boilers are designed to pass through standard doors, with widths from 670mm and floor space is kept to a minimum with a footprint from as small as 0.74m2. 
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