Ultramax from MHS

MHS Boilers has launched a new power-packed range of stainless steel, fully condensing floor-standing boilers. The new Ultramax PB from MHS Boilers also solves the problem of fitting a brand new, energy efficient, high performance condensing boiler to an old system, thanks to its use of simple separator technology. A plate type heat exchanger option kit can easily be incorporated into the Ultramax PB boiler case to act as a barrier, protecting the boiler from the effects of dirt accumulation in older systems. Alternatively, for new installations a low loss header option kit can be accommodated within the boiler’s smart casing.

Available in four models (65kW, 85kW, 100kW and 120kw) the Ultramax PB has a small footprint, taking up less than 0.51m2, making it a perfect choice where boiler room space is at a premium. However, its compact size belies its power and efficiency. Its pre-mix modulating burner gives a return efficiency of up to 109.8% and a modulation range up to 6:8:1.

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