Tyco launches XGA cabling system

The AMP Netconnect XGA copper cabling system from Tyco Electronics has been significantly improved by the introduction of two new key components: the AMP-TWIST 6AS SL Jack, which combines easy and quick termination with the highest transmission performance; and the new line of XGA copper patch cords, delivering performance beyond 600 MHz.

The AMP-TWIST 6AS SL Jack is the next generation of Category 6A connecting hardware and is fully compliant to the new component definitions in the upcoming ISO/IEC 11801 cabling standard. The new jack, when connected to the new XGA copper patch cords, achieves outstanding connection performance, resulting in superior short link capabilities (for distances of less than 2m), which is an important feature for modern data centre designs.

The AMP Netconnect XGA fibre system cable portfolio has been expanded by the addition of a complete range of cables constructed using OM4 fibre cores in order to meet additional length or cross-connect requirements in data centres and building backbones. The Tyco Electronics OM4 based fibre-optic cable meets the forthcoming specifications of the international ISO/IEC 11801 cabling standard.


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