Tyco Fire Protection & Tyco Security Products Are BIM Ready

BIM user guideTyco Fire Protection Products and Tyco Security Products will launch their own living BIM (Building Information Modelling) library from January 2016. Users will be able to access Tyco’s extensive range of BIM objects for security and fire protection products, including detection, mechanical and suppression solutions. The library will also feature the company’s BIM user guide to support architects and engineers, providing additional information about Tyco’s BIM objects.

Raj Arora, Vice President and General Manager P.E., Fire Detection and Special Hazard Products at Tyco Fire Protection Products, comments: “The creation of BIM tools and families of objects is critical in supporting the technological advances in the design, construction and maintenance industries. At Tyco, we are already seeing demand for BIM. Our investment in creating a range of BIM content based on a selection of our core products means we are well placed to help designers, specifiers, contractors and engineers working within the BIM framework.”

By increasing the amount of data available and making it fully sharable from building design through to construction and maintenance, the BIM process enables users to immediately access and interrogate objects and models, helping to save time and unnecessary costs. The technology will also enhance the accuracy of the planning and design stages of fire protection and security systems, improving efficiencies and delivering cost savings for the construction industry.

Available in Revit format, Tyco’s BIM objects will prove invaluable to users thanks to the depth of information made accessible. The files will comprise a 3D geometric representation of the product and contain all details about its specification, including size, dimensions and materials. BIM objects for Tyco’s fire detection solutions will also provide further relevant information such as voltage, colour code and electrical data. Translated versions of Tyco’s BIM files will be available during 2016.

“This is an exciting time for the construction industry,” says Peter Ainsworth, Director EMEA Marketing, Tyco Security Products. “Tyco is ready to be part of the new era of digital modelling, supporting the UK government’s Construction Industry Strategy mandate that all public procured construction projects from 2016 achieve BIM Level 2. Thanks to its future-proofing ability, BIM can provide facility management information throughout a building’s life, making maintenance and repairs simpler and more cost-effective.”

“Offering BIM objects for our security, detection, mechanical and suppression products will enhance the design process for architects and engineers, providing them with an abundance of valuable information to work more efficiently. A key feature of BIM when looking to install fire protection solutions in a building is the process’ spatial coordination capability. BIM enables multiple trades to integrate objects concurrently as if they were in a single model, therefore detecting any potential clashes which can be resolved in the design process ahead of the construction phase, saving time and money,” adds Raj Arora.

By making its fire protection and security products accessible through BIM files, Tyco is helping the construction industry in its mission to reduce build and operation costs, lower carbon emissions, and save production time by 2025.

For more information and to download Tyco’s BIM objects and user guide, visit www.tyco-fire.com/BIM.

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