Turbocor chiller range

With the benefit of market experience and an increasing focus on rising energy costs Coolmation, the UK’s exclusive distributor for Rhoss SPA, has launched a new series of Eurovent-certified R134A chillers featuring the revolutionary centrifugal oil-free Turbocor compressor. Available in capacities from 150kW to 2,100kW the Turbocor range represents the next generation of chiller design offering outstanding energy efficiency.
With the compressor generally the single, largest energy consumer within the HVACR system, Coolmation’s Turbocor range brings huge savings, offering significantly higher operating efficiencies than chillers using scroll, screw or reciprocating compressors. Compared with screw compressors, the Turbocor has an EER of up to 4.0 at full load conditions and in excess of 8.0 at part load, representing an efficiency increase of 10% and more than 100% respectively. A huge saving since chillers operate at part load for most of their working lives.
The Turbocor chillers feature a digitally controlled frictionless two stage centrifugal compressor which achieves outstanding energy reductions through the use of modern magnetic oil free bearings technology, avoiding the friction typically associated with traditional oiled bearings.

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