Trox expands in china

The Trox Group has expanded their manufacturing base in china by moving to a new 8000m2 facility in Suzhou.  Trox China already employs 140 people with three main sales offices for technical support staff and over 20 sales agents throughout the territory.

The initial marketing strategy was to supply engineered air distribution devices such as swirl diffusers, high induction slot and jet nozzles for large buildings.  These products have been supplied to a wide range of projects including a number of Olympic stadia and associated buildings.

Recently more interest has been shown in chilled beams and Trox received an order for 1700 units for the Siemens HQ building in Beijing.

The range of products also includes European designed conventional VAV and fan VAV, together with fire dampers and heavy duty industrial dampers.  These industrial dampers have been specifically developed for underground transport systems for both road and rail.  A notable project was the supply of Fire Dampers to the Nanjing Metro.

As with all Trox subsidiaries great emphasis is laid on the technical issues and investment in research and development.  Trox china has its own specialist laboratory facility for country specific product development, demonstration and project testing.

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