Trox do justice to court complex

As further evidence of the worldwide demand for chilled beams, the Trox Group is supplying 11,000 units together with constant volume valves to the €1 billion Ciudad de la Justicia (City of Justice) in Barcelona, the largest site in Europe devoted to justice.

Trox active chilled beams, which are used for both heating and cooling, were specifically selected for their energy efficiency and the high comfort levels achieved with this system.

Trox is also supplying 11,000 type VFL volume flow limiters for installation upstream of the chilled beams. These are responsible for balancing and adjusting the primary airflows which was previously a time-consuming and costly exercise. They are also easy to set up as installation time is significantly reduced.

The Ciudad de la Justicia complex, which is being built by the regional government of Catalonia, comprises eight buildings on a total site area of 213,054sq m. It is being built to accommodate the premises currently distributed between the neighbouring cities of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and Barcelona. The site will serve both civil and criminal justice, accommodating forensic science services, a court building, state prosecutor’s department and registry office, along with other buildings for offices and sheltered housing.

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