Troubleshooting software

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Europe (MHIE) has expanded its air con system servicing and troubleshooting functionality by extending the scope of the company’s Mente PC maintenance and monitoring software tool. Mente PC was previously only available to work on MHIE’s sophisticated KX4 and new KX6 Compact VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems. The new release of Mente PC, version 4.1-01, is now fully functional on the complete MHIE air con range, including splits.

Service engineers simply plug a laptop or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) into the outdoor unit to view pipe pressures, valve openings, voltages and other operation data. The engineer can carry out real-time monitoring and control, or run reports which can be stored on the PC.

Mitsubishi Heavy’s Sales Manager, David Lettis, says: “Ease of monitoring and advanced diagnostics to flag up performance anomalies are important in developing a maintenance plan which gets the best out of a system. Whatever the system – splits or VRF – MHIE customers now have access to advanced system interrogation capability they previously had only with top-end VRF installations.”

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