Triple relaunch for Lochinvar

Lochinvar has revamped three of its most popular product ranges which will improve performance and safety in operation while also reducing costs and installation time for contractors.

The Knight, Charger and LBF direct gas-fired storage water heaters include a number of new features. The products are also now manufactured in Europe which has considerably shortened lead times as well as cutting transportation costs and environmental impact.

The Knight and Charger ranges are low storage capacity with very fast recovery times. The units are compact, which means they can be installed close to where the hot water is needed.

The LBF range offers the same benefits, but works with a balanced flue, which often provides additional installation flexibility. LBF water heaters are room sealed and provide safe and reliable operation in a wide range of applications.

One feature of the revamped products is the addition of thermal flue spillage protection devices to improve safety. These devices shut off the gas to the water heaters in the event of the products of combustion not discharging fully if there is a problem with the flue.

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