Tridonic’s square LED modules

The TALEXXengine STARK QLE from Tridonic is a square LED module that can be used in any application where conventional linear or compact fluorescent light sources would historically have been used, to deliver significant energy savings.

Each QLE square LED module has an edge length of 270mm and up to five modules can be run from one TALEXXconverter.

They can also be combined with LLE linear LED modules to create a variety of novel designs or to replace existing fluorescent lighting while retaining the same fixtures. When replacing existing lighting they are compatible with both diffuser and louvre optics.

STARK QLE modules are available in colour temperatures of 3,000K and 4,000K, with a light output of 1,250 lumens per module (4,000K version) and efficiency of up to 97 lm/W. Lamp life is up to 50,000 hours, ensuring that maintenance costs are also reduced.

Control options include DALI and DSI interfaces, as well as integral switchDIM for using mains voltage as the signal for digital dimming, and corridorFUNCTION for controlling light output in relation to occupancy.

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