TridonicAtco launch x-touchPANEL

The new x-touchPANEL from TridonicAtco has evolved from the successful x-touchBOX to provide an extraordinarily versatile and user-friendly control unit with clear symbols that enable the user to control the visual environment.

Up to 128 DALI units can be controlled by the x-touchPANEL and 16 lighting groups can be assigned. In addition, 16 lighting scenes can be programmed and recalled. There are two software versions stored in the x-touchPANEL, one focuses on mood lighting with white light and scene selections, while the other has been designed specifically for time-controlled colour changes and colour sequencing via RGB (red, green, blue) colour mixing. The colours can be selected with ease as the shade is chosen by touch from a palette of colours and the controller then automatically calculates the light levels for the individual coloured light sources.

The integrated DALI sequencer allows lighting scenes to be called up automatically, one after the other. Up to 99 independent lighting sequences can be stored, each capable of providing up to 16 lighting scenes any number of times.

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