Tridonic launch new range

Along with Tridonic’s new branding and image comes a raft of revolutionary new products, including the new ballasts for exterior HID (High Intensity Discharge) applications.

The PCIS Outdoor FOX B011 and PCIS Outdoor DIM B011 ballasts, when used with energy efficient HID lamps, offers an ideal solution for a wide range of applications such as amenity/street lighting where considerable energy savings can be achieved. HID lamps such as metal halide can also provide a brighter, white light that can significantly improve road safety as well as making towns and cities more attractive.

Via the digital interface, all the PCIS Outdoor FOX and PCIS Outdoor DIM ballasts can be integrated in intelligent lighting control systems for exterior applications. With dimmable PCIS the luminous flux can be adjusted from 40 – 100% via DALI or DSI signals, depending on which HID lamps are used. This allows lighting management solutions that adjust illumination levels to suit individual requirements.

Accident black spots can be given more light, as can bad weather conditions whilst the brightness can be reduced during low volumes of traffic or for counteracting energy peaks.

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