Trend’s one-system solution

Trend Control Systems Ltd has introduced an intelligent window control package that can be fully integrated within its building energy management systems in order to maximise the benefits of natural ventilation. The use of MotorLink technology allows window position to be controlled and monitored with unrivalled accuracy, as well as providing near silent operation and enhanced levels of safety and security.

Because the technology is an integral part of the BEMS, control of the windows can be easily coordinated with that of the other HVAC services to boost energy savings and optimise conditions throughout the building. Since only one controls supplier is involved, confusion over contractual responsibilities is avoided.

Intelligent window/vent actuators and the motor controllers that power them make up the basic elements of the MotorLink package. The BACNet-based motor control modules can operate on IP or MS/TP networks and communicate directly (IP version) or via a router (MS/TP) with the rest of the BEMS, where Trend IQ controls implement the natural ventilation strategy – determining when and how much each window should be opened or closed. Window operation is monitored through the BEMS supervisor (operator interface).

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