Toyota moving forward with Elta

Customers at the Linwood Toyota dealership in Scotland can now browse for their latest vehicle purchase in comfort following the installation of new fans from the ZOO range recently launched by manufacturer Elta Fans.

The ZOO or ‘Zone of Occupancy’ destratification fans have been developed to address the problem of heat rising which can result in the upper area of a given space being warmer than the lower area where it is actually needed.

With the ever increasing focus on energy costs, the wasted energy from overheating a space to achieve the desired temperature in the occupied area is becoming more of an issue.

By installing two fans in the roof space of the Toyota showroom, columns of air gently force the warmer air down to floor level, ensuring a much more even distribution of the heat and therefore significantly improving the environment for the customers.

Jim McGregor, Sales Manager at the branch said: “The fans are working well and have transformed the air circulation and heat throughout the showroom. The units are secured high up in the ceiling so they are not even visible to customers.”

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