Toshiba has efficient replacement

The most efficient replacement to the 60W incandescent lamp is now available.

The new GLS Wide delivers 806Lm of light from only 10W of power consumed. This is an impressive 80 Lumens per Watt which means a saving of 84% over conventional incandescent lamps. With 20,000 hours life it will also last up to 20 times longer.

The E-CORE GLS Wide range of lamps uses clever reflection techniques to produce light in a 240 degree distribution to mimic the light from incandescent lamps. This ability to distribute light widely allows a wider range of applications such as chandeliers and table lamps helping you to create the ambience you are looking for and not have to compromise on light quality.

Using passive cooling fins integral to the shape of the bulb, Toshiba delivers exceptional thermal management without impacting on the aesthetic look and feel of the lamp. Maintaining the shape and look of the ubiquitous A-shape lamp is paramount in driving the adoption of LED lamps.

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