Toshiba delivers energy efficiency

Toshiba’s latest generation of super heat recovery VRF air conditioners, the SHRM-i series, is the most efficient product on the market at part-load conditions. The ground breaking new range becomes the new industry benchmark in the competitive three-pipe VRF sector.

Toshiba believes performance ratings for systems at full capacity can be misleading. “In the UK, air conditioning only operates at maximum capacity for a small proportion of the time,” says David Dunn, Toshiba’s Commercial Director. “For most of the time, systems operate at part-load – therefore it makes sense to focus on efficiency in this range.”

The new Toshiba system boasts a world-beating EER of 6.02 and COP of 5.63 at 50% load (8hp unit). This translates into a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) of 8, leaving rival systems behind.

A key to its exceptional performance is the use of up to three super-efficient DC twin rotary compressors in each outdoor unit, with dedicated vector-controlled inverters. Unlike other makes, which share inverters between compressors, Toshiba uses a separate inverter for each compressor, giving ultra precise control of rotation speed in 0.1Hz increments, exactly matching output to load.

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