Top of the class for energy efficiency

Darwen Aldridge Community Academy, a £32million state-of-the-art facility, recently opened its doors for the new school year to reveal 12 revolutionary air curtains from Airbloc.

The Academy welcomes more than 1,600 pupils, teachers and staff through its doors every day. With this high footfall, and multiple entrances in regular use, the Academy turned to Airbloc to solve the common problems caused by frequently opened doors – temperature fluctuations, wasted energy and increased running costs.

Airbloc supplied ten of its wall mounted AC Series and two of its recessed ACR Series air curtains to provide a cost effective, energy efficient solution. Located above twelve external doors, the Airbloc air curtains will reduce the demand for air conditioning and heating systems by cutting heat loss by up to 80%.

Designed for discreet positioning, Airbloc’s ACR Series of recessed air curtains were installed above two entrances. Suspended in the ceiling above the Academy’s doorways, the ACR Series’ subtle, refined finish proved ideal for the contemporary design of the Darwen Academy.

The AC and ACR Airbloc air curtains create a high-velocity wall of heated or ambient air that prevents the external atmosphere from passing through doorways. By separating the internal and external climates, the Academy maintains a comfortable internal temperature, improving working conditions for staff and students.

As well as improving the building’s internal climate, installing the air curtains will also have a positive effect on the Academy’s energy costs. By preventing fluctuating temperatures within the building, the air curtains will substantially reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning and heating systems.

The Darwen Academy places considerable value on ‘education for sustainable development’. By installing Airbloc air curtains, it is certainly leading the way in sustainability, reducing carbon emissions and cutting energy loss, whilst also providing a comfortable environment for staff and students.

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