Time to go retro

Controlling a central heating system should be easy, both for the installer and the end-user. However, with sophisticated features being added to new models as ideas evolve, things can often get very complicated. That’s why the new range of Siemens heating controllers offers what the end user actually needs.

Following extensive market research, Siemens has discovered that customers prefer a product with a large backlit display, but which is also easy to programme. They also favour slider controls to overcome programming difficulties, and choose not to have push buttons or settings menus that require interrogation.

Based on the findings of this research, Siemens has launched a new range of time controllers consisting of two programmers and two time switches. The RWB 1001 is a daily single channel time switch and the RWB 1007 a 5/2 day or full seven-day unit, with the RWB 2001 and RWB 2007 providing the same facilities but as a twin channel option.

All the models have service interval reminders that can be enabled at the point of installation or later in the year.


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