Thorn revamps controls

Everyone knows that lighting control systems are extremely energy efficient. But isn’t it part of electrical industry folklore that they can be complicated, expensive and suitable only for large and new projects?
Such an unfortunate reputation has, at last, receded thanks to Thorn’s latest interior lighting controls offer, designed with the application, rather than method, in mind. The range has been revamped into three distinct usage types – SensaLite, ControLiteDIM and SensaLink – to cater for small, medium and large projects respectively. The aim is to simplify selection, installation and set-up and create a better customer experience in terms of performance, efficiency and comfort.
SensaLite features Thorn luminaires with either built-in or remote sensors, offering standard presence detection, daylight linking and infra-red control. It is the first step to comfort and energy saving, and is used for small applications such as offices, classrooms and corridors. ControlLiteDIM is aimed at mid-sized projects (one room) and consists of modules for creating scene setting, enabling daylight linking and integrating presence detection.

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