Thermal imaging added

Merlin Power Management has added the valuable diagnostics tool, Thermal Imaging, to its growing portfolio of products to further enhance its status as a total solutions company. 

By using a thermal imaging camera it is possible to identify the transfer of Infrared heat radiation from an object and display an image of the temperature distribution. The camera quickly detects temperature differences often invisible to the naked eye, thereby allowing corrective action to be taken before costly system failures occur.  A single survey could identify faulty cabling, a defective motor bearing, poor insulation a defective circuit breaker etc.

Thermography also enables inspections to be performed while electrical systems are under load.  Faults in electrical cables, switches, fuses, motors, batteries, etc can be detected without time consuming, disruptive maintenance necessitating the switching off of circuits. Engineers quickly scan a piece of equipment from a safe distance without putting themselves in harms way.

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