Thermal camera hire

Ashtead Technology has seen a growing demand across its fleet of thermal imaging cameras from the building inspection industry, due to the cost savings associated with energy efficiency.

Ashtead’s impressive range of FLIR infrared thermal imaging equipment offers instrumentation to identify heat loss through poor insulation, locate excessive air leakage, carry out predictive maintenance of electrical and structural systems as well as detect leaking pipes and hidden water damage.

Two such instruments proving popular with the building inspection industry due to their advanced features are the FLIR B360 and P620 thermal imaging cameras.

According to Daniel Bobker, managing director of Thermal Inspections Ltd, who has hired the latest thermal imaging equipment from Ashtead over the past three years, the significant cost savings associated with renting combined with the financial benefits of his clients of preventing heat loss are among the key reasons for the current demand.

Daniel said: “We have hired two different thermal cameras from Ashtead; the FLIR P65 and more recently the FLIR ThermaCAM P620. The evidence-based results of the surveys we undertake enable our clients to identify where heat is being lost so that they can take appropriate and precisely targeted remedial action.”

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