The WRAS approved Mikrofill 3 pressurisation unit incorporates

new-mikrofill-image-3The WRAS approved Mikrofill 3 pressurisation unit incorporates;

  • The ability to fill directly from the mains/boosted water supply any LPHW or CHW system from empty
  • Fluid risk category 4 backflow prevention
  • Comprehensive electronic pressure management

The Mikrofill 3 contains no pumps or RPZ valves.

Unlike ‘pump type’ pressurisation units the Mikrofill 3 is designed to be connected directly to a buildings incoming mains/boosted water supply and fill a heating or chilled water circuit without the use of a pump.

The Mikrofill 3 is the most energy efficient unit of its kind consuming as little as 10 watts/hr on standby and 30 watts/hr fully operational.


WRAS approved

Integral fluid risk 4 backflow prevention

Fill volume indicator

Pre – commissioned packages with vessel/s and valve/s available

Comprehensive electronic pressure manager

Large Led screen display

Wall mounted unit


No RPZ valve required

Connects directly to mains/boosted water supply

Designed with maintenance in mind

2 methods of flood protection

97% more efficient than some pump type units

Aids water treatment calculation

Compact enough to fit in the smallest of plantrooms                                

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