The small detector with big benefits

CP Electronics has developed a new cost effective miniature PIR presence detector – EBMINT.  Designed to be retrofitted to luminaires quickly and effectively, EBMINT allows previously uncontrolled lighting sources to benefit from presence detection and lux level control.  The detector can be fitted either onto a T5 or T8 tube directly, or to a louvre blade of a parabolic louvred luminaire. This makes this integrated detector ideal for installations that demand minimum disruption, or where it is not possible to disturb the building’s fabric. Ultimately, the detector will play a key part in improving a building’s energy performance with the minimum amount of investment.


Three models are available: Premium (switched), Direct Dim up to four dimming ballasts (DALI or DSI) and analogue dim (1-10V). All are suitable for use with high efficiency lamps such as LED, linear fluorescent and compact fluorescent.


Installation is simplified as the detector has a built-in power supply; comes pre-wired with a heat resistant cable and the patent pending louvre clip with ratchet adjustment requires no specialist tools when fitted by a competent installer.


With its high degree of sensitivity the EBMINT detects movement in building spaces up to seven metres.

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