The perfect replacement

JS Humidifiers has supplied two gas-fired humidifiers capable of delivering up to 480kg of steam per hour to British American Tobacco’s R&D facility in Southampton. Seeking an energy efficient alternative to their existing 10 year old live steam humidification system, the Condair GS gas-fired humidifier proved the perfect replacement as it provides high capacity steam generation with low operating costs, offering 65% cheaper steam than electric humidifiers.

Two Condair GS humidifiers were installed, each capable of delivering up to 240kg of steam per hour to two AHUs feeding a  test area which needed to be kept at a constant 22°C with 60%RH ±5%. Steve Hemsley, Head of Commercial at British American Tobacco, commented: “To date the humidifiers have enabled us to maintain the desired conditions in our close conditioned environments.”

Condair GS gas-fired steam humidifiers have a high quality, compact construction with state-of-the-art safety features, a user-friendly design and a variety of flexible options which makes them simple to install, service and maintain.

The humidifier incorporates a 360° flame encircling the burner. This maximises the thermal transfer to the heat exchanger resulting in a thermal efficiency of over 90%.

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