The perfect heat pump setter

Multi-purpose AV 23 SETTER SD flow measuring and setting valve from Taconova (UK) is ideal for controlling water and glycol flow rates in Heat Pump applications. Typical systems include ground source heat pumps and air to water heat pumps where an accurate flow rate will optimise the heat pumps COP (coefficient of performance).
The valve provides flow regulation, isolation facility and easy to read flow measurement via the sight glass and a user-friendly setting scale. Designed for domestic, commercial and public sector applications, the AV 23 SETTER valve allows accurate and fast balancing without diagrams, tables or the need for costly measuring devices.
Systems which are correctly balanced and air-free guarantee optimal energy extraction and are therefore more cost effective. Taconova’s AV23 SETTER range is designed specifically for ease of use and ensures that the energy savings gained through using heat pumps are not compromised by system inefficiency.
The AV23 SETTER is also user friendly. Engineers can set the appropriate flow rate using the unique flow measurement device, avoiding investments in training and costly measuring devices.

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