The only way is … S&P

Building services specialist Webtech Air has selected supply and extract fans manufactured by S&P and supplied by Lindab Basildon to help meet stringent noise and odour control requirements at the new Bar Blanco in Rayleigh, Essex. Webtech Air and S&P worked closely together in designing the system and obtaining planning permission from the local authority.

Bar Blanco is a wine bar and bistro owned by ‘TOWIE’ star Ricky Raiment and his brother-in-law Danny Salmon. It will operate predominantly as a wine bar but has been equipped with a kitchen for food preparation when required.

“We needed to get planning permission for the kitchen and, as there are flats above, I knew we would need to ensure low noise levels and good odour control,” recalled Webtech Air’s Rikki Webster. “We worked closely with S&P in sizing the system and providing the necessary drawings and performance figures for the local council. In the event, we were granted planning permission in a very short space of time,” he added.

Another challenge was that the supply and extract are located on an outside wall close to condensing units. A condition of the planning permission was that the noise levels should be lower than those from the condensers. At the same time, the extract fan needed to provide the required extract rate through a pre-filter (80Pa Clean) and an extra duty carbon filter (225 PA Clean) used to control odours.

The solution selected to meet these requirements was an S&P CVAT/4-9000/500 for extract and an S&P HCBB/4-450 FORM B plate fan for supply. The supply fan and panel filter are housed within a galvanised box constructed specially for the project by Webtech Air.

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